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The Seeza Project

The Seeza Project, blends a dynamic series of releases on Glue Music Recordings. Seeley will lead as the primary artist for the project with the inclusion of well respected remixers & collaborators.

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Richard has been working in the studio through out 2023 and into 2024 for The Seeza Project, a series of releases from Seeley and working with other artists when suitable the debut release was released in Oct 2023 and was well received, with supported by some heavy weights such as Robag Wruhume, Joris Voorn, Renaat Vandepapeliere, Steve Lawler  & Seth Schwarz to name a few.  

After releasing in 2019 on Glue Music under the ‘Self Self’ moniker with Andreas Geogiades and a remix from fabric resident Terry francis the world paused… 

Now it's time to get busy again

Notable back catalogue and stuff...

'Mas Profundo EP' signed to Radioslave's Rekids, Rek'd label, Made its way to the number 1 spot on Radioslave's own 'Sex mania at the Berghain chart'. 

Richard released on V.V.V.W.I., making a stellar debut, with the vinyl release of the 'Juicy Vermin' EP. 

It also happened to be the debut release for Tim Sheridan's newly born label, Very Very Very Wrong Indeed. 

Ellen Allien, the respected bpitch Control label head and techno DJ, couldn't resist the quirky production allure and snatched up the release for her 'Boogey Bytes CD, expertly mixed by the lady herself.

The legendary John Digweed handpicked Richard's track 'The Curly Bubbles' to kick-start his electrifying show on Kiss FM U.K.. 

Darren Emerson from the iconic live act 'Underworld' commissioned Richard to remix 'Au Go Go,' an otherworldly collaboration between Emerson and the sensational Nick Littlemore from the band 'Empire of the Sun.' 

Richard graced the booths in the hottest spots across the UK, Berlin, and Poland. A trail of hedonistic adventures at legendary venues such as fabric, Matter, Kater Holzig, Music Bar, Turnmills, Cargo, The Key, The Cross, and Egg. 

Richard didn't stop there; he cemented his imprint.. Glue Music recordings. With his debut EP, 'Black Room,' with a dreamy remix by Bruno Pronsato.
Seeley set the stage for line up of heavyweight producers; fabric resident Terry Francis, Justin Drake, Pheek, Andreas Georgiades, Evil Eddie Richards, Public Lover, and Sierra Sam all followed
When Andreas unleashed the 'Rude Bishop' EP on Glue Music recordings, it earned a triumphant 4/5 score on Resident Advisor - Not an easy feat.

To celebrate the label's triumphs, Glue Music threw an unforgettable label night and morning in Berlin at the legendary, now closed, Kater Holzig that lasted well into the next afternoon with Kenneth Scott, Beaner and Seeley himself where the heavyweight live act Bruno Pronsato headlined at 5am. 

Listen out for 'The Seeza Project' releases in 2024

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